Safe Surfing with McAfee SiteAdvisor and Google

Posted: August 18, 2006 in Just Out!
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Surfing the Web can pose a lot of threats. In the not-so-far past, a user had to download and execute a file in order to get infected with some virus. It was easy to avoid (for those who know better): Just don’t download or execute any suspicious files.

However, things are not so clear now anymore. Many malicious programs are activated once you click on a link and open a web page. The user does not even get any indication that something has been downloaded to the system. These things can be viruses, spyware, adware, spam software, etc.

In the latest move in fighting malicious software, McAfee launched their free SiteAdvisor. It is a plugin that integrates with the browser, and tells the user whether the current page is safe or not. The plugin currently works on both IE and Mozilla Firefox. I repeat, it is free, so there is nothing to lose by installing it. Actually there is a lot to gain.

Moreover, this plugin integrates very well with Google (and Yahoo!). When you perform a search on Google, and the search results are displayed. Each of the results will have an indicator beside it whether this URL is safe or not, so you can avoid going to suspected websites (or still go, on your own responsibility).

Hopefully, this will reduce the growth of computer infections.

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