Gmail vs. Hotmail: A New Perspective

Posted: November 21, 2007 in Cool Finds
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The web is endlessly full of articles that compare different email services, particularly Gmail (from Google) and Hotmail a.k.a. Windows Live Mail (from Microsoft). Still, I found this article:

I think it is a very interesting read. It is yet another comparison between Gmail and Hotmail…with a twist. The author tries to envision what would have happened if Gmail was designed by Microsoft instead of Google. Needless to say, the article is heavily biased against Hotmail (or against Microsoft), but still some of the mentioned points are very true and to the point (e.g. banners, spam filter, splash screen, log in information, etc.). Here is an excerpt from that post:

“First of all, we need to rebrand the application name to something longer. Let’s call this Windows Live Gmail, and add some of the visual elements connected with Windows. Also, as in Hotmail, there needs to be less space for the email subjects to make place for a reading pane, which is full of verbose explanatory help text…”

If you have used both services, you’ll enjoy the read. Let me know what you think in the comments!

  1. Amr Kabardy says:

    I used both Gmail and Windows live mail. I prefer Gmail, it’s more simple, no big bannars, ads can be negligible…etc.
    However, I like the graphics of Windows live mail better.. and the service is getting better with time.

    I can remember the first time I’ve logged in to windows live, and how it’s different now!! It’s really better.

    But I still prefer to use Gmail for it’s simplicity and high usability.. Also there are awesome features, like grouping related mails in one conversation (The greatest thing about Gmail)… Also, the labels.. It’s better than folders in other mail systems.

  2. henry wei says:

    Gmail is just the overall superior winner. Rss Feeds for new mail. Cool looking skins if you have Mozilla. It’s the way to go. It’s simple, yet has all the functions of the other email websites. Much faster too, due to less users.

  3. George William says:

    I think people need to look at this things without the anti-Microsoft bias. I’ve tried Gmail and it’s no where near as good as Hotmail. Sorry, I hope you guys don’t think this is spam, but here’s the link:

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