How to Backup your Google Data?

Posted: July 27, 2011 in How to...?
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Google backup
The number of free services offered by Google keeps increasing, and the number of people using these services grows tremendously day after day. Anyone who reads this blog probably knows by now that I am a big fan of Google. I regularly use Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Reader, Google+, and Google Docs. The biggest advantage of using these services is that they are all very well integrated, and you can access your data from anywhere.

However, one possible downside that not many people often think about is: What happens if someday Google goes down for whatever reason? Well, this would mean that all your data on the Google servers could be lost. This includes all your emails, calendar events, contacts, documents, feed subscriptions, and all your Google+ data (friends, circles, shares, +1’s).

I mentioned in my last post that Google+ has a way of letting the users download their data. In fact, all Google services that keep user data online offer this functionality, so users can always download their data and keep backups for when something goes wrong.

The How-to Geek just posted an article detailing the steps of how to back up your Google data. This includes:

  • All your Gmail messages
  • All your Gmail contacts
  • All your Google+ data
  • All your Google calendars
  • All your Google Reader subscriptions
  • All your Google Docs

Click here to access the article with the detailed steps.


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