Google Graphs!

Posted: December 6, 2011 in Just Out!
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Another new feature added to the Google search engine… graphs!

As I noted before, Google already had the ability to evaluate arbitrary arithmetic expressions typed into the search box. Just now I found out through the Official Google Search Blog that it can now draw graphs of arbitrary mathematical functions, even multiple functions at the same time. All the user has to do is write down one or more functions, separated by commas into the search bar. For example, if the user types the following:

x/2, (x/2)^2, ln(x), cos(pi*x/5)

The result would be the graph given above

The graph is simple and elegant with different colors to represent each function. However, this is not all. The graph is also interactive:

  • By dragging and dropping, the user can pan to any region of the 2-D plane to view other parts of the graph.
  • The buttons at the top left corner allow the user to zoom in and out, either vertically, horizontally, or both.
  • Also, by just moving the mouse pointer, the user gets to see (x, y) coordinates on each of the curves at the top right corner. For example, the shown figure currently displays points on the blue curve, indicated by the blue circles beside the coordinates. Clicking this circle, the user can choose any of the other curves (red, orange or green in this example).

Although Google cannot compete with the mathematical complexity or extensiveness of something like Wolfram|Alpha, the new graphing functionality is definitely a nice addition to the ever-growing set of tools that Google’s users get.

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