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The Illustrated Guide to a PhD

Posted: October 2, 2010 in Cool Finds
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I recently stumbled upon The Illustrated Guide to a PhD by Matt Might. It is a simple way to visualize what it means to do a PhD. I completely forgot about it until it came up tonight during a discussion with some friends. I’m reproducing that page here for the sake of convenience:

As a follower of the very popular productivity website, today I just stumbled on one of their most recent posts. The post, titled Lifehacker Pack for Linux: Our List of the Best Linux Downloads lists and describes a number of free/open source software products that can be downloaded and installed on Linux. The post mentions that these are mostly for the Ubuntu distribution, but many of these applications have releases for other Linux distributions as well.

I personally find this list to be very useful, since it includes many applications that one would need in everyday’s work/life, and many of them are not included by default with Linux. These include: web browser (Firefox, Chrome), email client (Thunderbird), office suite (, text editor (gedit), and many more. The list even provides direct links to download these applications or to directly install them in Ubuntu.

Considering the amount of time everyone spends online today, it is funny that many people still don’t know what a web browser is, even though they use it every day.

The following video is a questionnaire conducted by Google while promoting their browser Chrome, and it shows that many people don’t know what a browser is, or they confuse a browser with a search engine. Only a few people answered correctly.

Although many people are already experts when it comes to building a new computer from scratch, many others are still a bit intimidated by the concept of looking for each component, and putting everything together. For those who actually want to know how to build a computer, the computer help website “The How-to Geek” has put up an excellent tutorial about building a computer from scratch. (more…)

Are you a fan of free, open-source software?
If yes, then please continue reading. Otherwise…well…also continue reading, you might change your mind!!