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Another excellent article by Matt Might. In his article, Matt lists his top 10 tips on giving a good academic talk, and goes into detail in explaining each tip. In summary, the top 10 tips (in no particular order) are:

10 Geek Quotes

Posted: January 21, 2007 in Top 10's
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OK, so this post is not really useful, but I just thought I should try to break my writer’s block. So here are some computer-related quotes. Warning: you might not understand these unless you are really a geek.

Instant Messaging Etiquette

Posted: September 1, 2006 in Top 10's
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If email is the electronic equivalent of letters, instant messaging (IM), a.k.a. chatting, is the electronic equivalent of phone conversations. It can be very useful if used properly, but also can be dangerous (on many levels) if used in an incorrect manner. In a previous post, I wrote about email etiquette, so now I list some of the things you should always remember when using instant messaging.

This is one of the most popular topics discussed over and over again. There are lots of websites out there that talk about email etiquette, and what you should or should not do when writing emails. In this post, I include the top 10 things that I think matter the most while writing an email (in no particular order). This is from a very personal perspective.

My Top Ten Firefox Extensions

Posted: July 21, 2006 in Top 10's

Whenever I install Firefox on a PC, the following extensions are the first ones I install. This does not mean that everyone should do the same, but I find these extensions very useful for me, and I thought they might be useful for others. The extensions are ordered alphabetically. (more…)