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In the last couple of years, we have seen Google try, more than once, to become a player at the social networking game. Let’s look at these attempts, and what has become of them:

Google Goes Social

Posted: July 6, 2011 in Just Out!
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Ok, so I know that I often post about Google products. I admit that I have been a Google fan since day 1, and the folks at Google have managed to keep me this way until now.

For those of you who have not heard yet, Google has launched its own social network Google+, in a very blatant move to compete with Facebook. While Google+ is still in trial mode (it is not open to the public yet, and joining is invitation-based), it has already started to gain momentum and receive praise for its many features. In this post, I’ll try to go over some of these features, and compare them with equivalent or similar features in facebook.

The highlight of 2011 so far has been the uprisings taking place in North Africa and the Middle East, particularly the Egyptian revolution. The Egyptian people have managed, through a peaceful revolution, to topple down a dictatorship that ruled the country for 30 years. One of the most interesting aspects of that revolution is that technology, particularly the Internet, played a very important role. As an Egyptian and a technology specialist, I figured I should analyze the role played by the Internet as a whole, and by Web 2.0 in particular.

Google strikes again!!

The folks at Google just rolled out yet another application that tackles an area previously dominated by Twitter and Facebook: Microblogging! Microblogging is posting small entries that usually consist of nothing but a short sentence fragment, or an image or embedded video. This is commonly known as “tweeting” for those who use Twitter (except that Twitter only allows text and URLs – no images or videos). The same concept is found in Facebook where users post status updates, images, videos and links.

Facebook Songs!

Posted: July 22, 2007 in Random
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I posted about Facebook before. It seems that people are taking it to the next level. I have recently stumbled upon two video clips that are created by Facebook fans. They are very well done (especially the second). Take a look at the links below (on Youtube):

1. Facebook Stalker
2. The Official Cambridge Facebook Song (On The Facebook)

As most of us know, Facebook (a popular social networking website) has recently launched an open API platform, which allows anyone to write custom applications for Facebook. These applications can do pretty much anything, ranging from linking a user’s profile with this user’s account on another website (e.g., and displaying their recent bookmarks on their Facebook profile, to letting a user rate other users based on whether they are “hot or not”, to many other kinds of applications.