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Recently, I had to get rid of my old laptop because of problems with its screen. The laptop was too old, and trying to fix or replace the screen seemed like to much of a hassle, and getting a new laptop seemed like the best idea. Many of us choose to get rid of their old computers… either selling, donating, or even recycling them. Either way, it is important to know how to properly dispose of an old computer, to avoid any problems later on. Here are the steps that I followed:

What to Look for in a Laptop?

Posted: October 30, 2006 in How to...?
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Laptops are increasingly replacing desktop PCs at work. A laptop offers a number of advantages, particularly portability. If you are planning to buy a laptop, you have to consider a number of factors that are not taken into account when buying a desktop PC. These factors can be summarized as follows: (more…)