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I just found this interesting page, whose author criticizes a research paper that has appeared in VLDB 2006 (a major Database research conference). The author of that page (not the paper) proceeds to point out some major (and minor) flaws in that paper, and also tries to find reasons why this paper did not get rejected. Here is an interesting extract from that page:

There is a common belief that the conference program committees never read more than a few pages of a conference paper when they make a decision on whether to accept or reject a paper. Since the statement contradicting the claim in the abstract is near the end of the tenth page, it would be easy to for such a referee to miss the contradiction.



I came across an article written by Roger Clarke (from the Australian National University). The article lists some common practices related to publishing research papers; practices that can be considered unethical, at least under some circumstances. Although I do not agree with all the listed items, I do think that the author is mostly right, especially when it comes to the influence of superiors or sponsors on the publishing of information. In addition, the author also touches upon issues like adding particular (well-known) author names or citing particular sources to increase the chance of the paper being accepted. I think many of the listed issues have been practiced by most researchers (myself included); whether intentionally or not. Still, it was an interesting read to see them listed and organized.

You can access the full article by clicking on the following link:
Ethical Issues in the Preparation and Submission of Research Papers in the I.S. Discipline