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I have posted before about how the term “Thin Client” is being redefined. Applications that used to be thought of as something that can only be found on your desktop are now becoming accessible online, where you only need a browser. Word processors, spread sheets, calendar applications are all moving from the traditional desktop to their online versions, of course besides web email (Gmail, Hotmail, etc.). In short, our need to have a ton of applications installed on our own computers is getting less and less everyday.

Now there is even more than just some scattered applications. I came across this web site called Desktoptwo, and the least to say is that I was impressed. By signing up in this website, you get a fully-functional online desktop inside your browser. This includes storage space (currently 1GB), email client, MP3 player (you can upload music files to your account then play them anywhere), calendar, instant messenger, RSS reader, and a lot more. It is very easy to use, just like you use your normal desktop! It’s really amazing how far web development technologies have come in the last year or so!!

A few years ago, when the Web moved from just serving web-pages to serving web-applications, the term Thin Client began to emerge. For those of you who do not know the meaning of the term, Thin Client means a computer that has only an operating system and a browser. Of course, back then, being a thin client or not, was relative to a certain application. In other words, it was used to clarify whether the user had to download and run some local components (e.g. ActiveX controls, Java applets, etc…) in order to use a certain web-application (thus becoming a thick or fat client) or all the processing was done on the server. (more…)